Various Career Opportunities With an MAT Degree

A master of arts in teaching (MAT) is a degree that can be earned in one of two ways: as a fifth year, tacked onto the end of a bachelor’s degree in education/teaching program or as continuing education if you are currently working. What can you do with this type of degree once you’ve earned it? Let’s take a look at your career opportunities.

MAT versus Master of Education

MAT degree programs are typically set up for those who want to practice in the field of education – that is, be teachers. If you want to work as an administrator, counselor, researcher, or other type of leader in the educational field, a master of education might be the better choice. MATs allow for in-depth study of your subject of choice, so it is an especially popular option for middle grade and secondary teachers. It is also a good option if you’re interested in taking a head teacher position. MATs are also great for people currently working in a different career who want to earn a teaching certification in their state.

MAT Specializations

After graduating with an MAT, most students become teachers. In this field, there are a number of different specializations from which to choose:

  • Early Childhood (preschool)
  • Elementary
  • Middle Grade
  • Secondary (sometimes combined with middle grade)
  • Special Education

In the secondary field, you’ll also specialize in a specific subject, since you’ll teach more in-dept knowledge about a particular topic. You can choose from subjects like reading/English, mathematics, social sciences, foreign language, art, physical education, and science. Some teachers specialize even farther, especially if your college allows you to pick up a second major or a minor. For example, rather than just specializing in science, you could specialize in biology, chemistry, or physics.

MAT Career Tasks

As a teacher, the tasks you do on a daily basis will depend on your specialization. In general, however, teachers are responsible for classroom supply management and curriculum development, teaching during the school day, supervising detention or tutoring after school, grading homework and tests, and more. Teachers also liaison with parents and school administrators to ensure that students are getting the best education possible and many take on extra responsibilities, such as supervising school after-school activities or coaching.

Accredited MAT Degrees

University of Southern California Students who dream of enrolling in a MA in Teaching or in ESL should consider the online degree programs at the University of Southern California. This program was created by great teachers and is designed to produce great teachers. It strikes a balance between interactive academic coursework and collaborate classroom applications.
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Kaplan University Students looking for a MA in Teaching or MSHE in College Teaching & Learning should consider the online degree programs at Kaplan University. These programs prepare students to teach diverse learners a broad range of academic content and educational foundational skills. Kaplan University is dedicated to providing rigorous instruction and a stimulating environment.
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Colorado State University For those searching for a MS in Teaching & Learning should consider the online degree program at Colorado State University. This program prepares students to design and manage their own curriculum. Coursework includes: Instructional Leadership, Assessment of Learning Outcomes, Collaboration & Learning, Teaching & Learning, and Trends & Issues in Instructional Design.
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Walden University Students looking for a MS in College Teaching & Learning, Teaching English Language Learners, ESL or Teaching Online should consider the online degree programs at Walden University. These programs are designed to help teachers to better meet the unique needs of all the students in their classroom. Students choose from several different specializations.
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Capella University Students looking for a MS in Special Education Teaching or in English Language Learning & Teaching should consider the degree programs at Capella University. These programs cover courses in applied linguistics, curriculum development, cultural competence, classroom management, and instructional technologies. Students also complete a capstone teaching practicum.
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Liberty University For those looking for MAT in Elementary, Secondary or Special Education should consider the online degree programs at Liberty University. In these programs, students develop the knowledge base and teaching competencies required for teacher licensure. The program fosters learning experiences that encourage leadership using creativity and research.
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University of Phoenix Students looking for a MAT in Elementary or Secondary Education should consider the online degree program at the University of Phoenix. This program is designed to prepare you to become a teacher and lead to teaching certification. Students will learn from veteran educators who understand the daily challenges that teachers face today.
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Ashford University Students who are seeking a MA in Teaching & Learning with Technology should consider the online degree program at Ashford University. This program provides teachers with the technological skills necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern classroom. Students take their courses one at a time for 6 weeks each.
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University of St. Mary Students looking for a MA in Teaching (MAT) should consider the online degree program at the University of St. Mary. Students will learn about how to meet the needs of students with different learning styles and methods to evaluate and assess learning goals. Faculty members act as mentors after graduation.
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Grand Canyon University Students looking for a MEd that leads to their initial teacher licensure should consider the online degree programs at Grand Canyon University. These degrees are designed for instructors and trainers at all levels, emphasizing the integration of educational technologies and active learning principles with sound curriculum. Students can choose their concentration in areas like elementary education, secondary education, or special education.
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